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Order Process

I have questions/requests before purchasing, how can I be supported?

How can I be updated on my order?

How long does it take for my jewellery to be made?


Do you offer customization/personalization?

What customization/personalization services do you offer?

I found a design I like, but I want a bigger stone. Can you upgrade it?

How much extra does customization/personalization cost?

Cancellation and/or Changing Details

Can I cancel my order?

I want to change gemstone/material/sizing, what do I do?

Production Time & Shipping

When will my order be shipped?

Do you ship to my country?

What are my delivery options?

What happens if the parcel is lost when Roelavi sends the item to me?


My order was unsuccessful but it seems I have been charged. What happened?

Do you accept Paypal?

Do you accept any other payment methods beside Paypal?

Do you offer installment?

Returns & Exchanges

Do you offer exchanges and/or returns?

What if my ring doesn't fit well?

Customs, Duties & Taxes

If the parcel arrives in my country and I'm requested to pay custom fee/duty/import tax, will Roelavi cover that?